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History and results

For more than 25 years, the Franconville Show Jumping Competition has featured among the most important French competitions. Its conviviality and the professionalism of its organisation are recognized by everyone. The competition was created in 1985, and since then it has occupied an important place in the equestrian world. Over the years it has become a major event on the International or National show jumping calendar.

1985 : creation of the Franconville Show Jumping Competition.

1986 : the second National Show Jumping Competition became part of the French Show Jumping Championships.

1987 : the Show Jumping Competition was titled and received the C.S.I. classification (Concours de Saut International – International Show Jumping Competition).

1988 : with Cannes, Dinard, Strasbourg and Grenoble, Franconville was included in the 1 st French International circuit bringing together 5 major international show jumping competitions.

1989 : 10 nations were brought together in Franconville for three days, before 10, 000 spectators.

1990 : for four days, Franconville hosted national and international events; 12 countries took part in the competition.

1991 : the Franconville Show Jumping Competition changed site. The 50 acres of the Bois des Eboulures have hosted the competition since then.

1992 : the competition became international and welcomed 20, 000 spectators.

1993 : the competition was a national show jumping event, with 11 classes.

1994 : the Franconville Show Jumping Competition celebrated ten years of uncontested success.
From 2003 to 2007 : the 9 classes of the National PRO 1-level Show Jumping Competition brought together the best French riders.

In 2006, the S.O.C.I.F (Société d'Organisation du Concours International de Franconville -Organisers of the Franconville International Show Jumping Competition) was awarded the  A.C.S.O.F (Association des cavaliers de saut d'obstacles français – French Show Jumping Riders Association) Trophy as the 2nd leading French PRO 1-level competition.

2007 : the 9 classes of the National Show Jumping Competition brought together the best French riders.

2008 : a four star international show jumping competition was organised, of which the Grand Prix was a qualifier for the Beijing Olympic Games and the 2009 Senior European Championships

2012 : Organisation of a 3-star international show jumping competition.

2012: Organisation of a 3-star CSI, allowing riders to gain points for the ROLEX Rankings and also be qualified for the London Olympics.


Results from 1988 to 2008

1988 : Markus Fuchs (the brother of Thomas Fuchs, winner of the 1991 edition) achieved a perfect performance and became the puissance world record holder by jumping a fence which measured 2.35 m in height with his horse Pouchkine!

1990 : Eric Navet earned his “ticket” for the WEG in Stockholm where he became World Champion with his loyal “Quito de Baussy“.

2000 : an exceptional year for the International Show Jumping Competition. Olivier Jouanneteau won the Grand Prix.

2003 : after three very tough days of competition, Laurent Goffinet won Grand Prix. Robert Breul was second and Nicolas Delmotte was third. The prize for the best lady rider was awarded to Mathilde Delaveau and for the best rider to Gregory Wathelet.

2004 : the key riders pre-selected for the Olympic Games were present:Eric Navet, the team World Champion and the Vice-World Champion individually with his horse “Dollar du Murier” as well as Michel Robert, accompanied by Michel Hecart, Christian Hermon, Florian and Reynald Angot, etc.

2005 : Eric Navet riding Gentleman Platière (who also won the Grand Prix) and Bernard Schotsmans riding Upsilon d’Ocquier won the puissance class.

2006 : Florian Angot with First de Launay won the Franconville Super Cup ahead of Olivier Guillon with Ionesco de Brekka and Eric Martin Lalande with Harry Mancias.

2007 : Eric Navet and Hym d’Isigny won the Grand Prix of Franconville on Sunday 23rd June ahead of Fabrice Lyon and Gatsby de Quinho and Julien Epaillard and Icare du Manet. The puissance class the day before was won after the third jump-off at a height of 1.88m by Aldrick Cheronnet competing with both Pugnax and Valentino, and Christophe Deuquet and Jicky de Nantuel.
The prize for the best lady rider was awarded to Alexandra Francart and for the best rider to Julien Epaillard. The prize for the best horse was awarded to Hym d’Isigny. 

2008 : Laurent Goffinet riding Flipper d’Elle won the IKEA Grand Prix ahead of Timothée Anciaume with Lamm de Fetan and Nicolas Delmotte with Luccianno. Eugénie Angot was 4th with Mozart des Hayettes and Eric Navet was 5th with Hym d’Isigny.

Laurent Goffinet also won the small Grand Prix of the General Council of Val-d’Oise with Flipper d’Elle.

Another of France’s riders, Thomas Rousseau won the 6-bar competition by jumping a height of 2.05 metres with Lavalette Leamax.

Lets us not overlook Peter Wylde’s great performances with Robin and Unbelievable 5: 1st in class 1, 2, 5, 7 and 9; 5th in class 4 and 7th in class 3.

The prize for the best lady rider was awarded to Eugénie Angot and for the best rider to Nicolas Delmotte. The prize for the best horse was awarded to Flipper d’Elle.

2012: The major delegation of French riders competed against the best riders in the world during the 9 classes of the 3-star CSI of Franconville.

It was Eric Navet with Colombo Van Den Blauwa who dominated the Cofely-Ineo Grand Prix, ahead of Julien Epaillard with No Name De Siva and Eugénie Angot with Old Chap Tame.

Eric Navet also won the first class, the Prix Hippopotamus with Watco, he was 2nd in the Prix Quai des Marques; 3rd in the Prix Conseil Général du Val-d’Oise and 5th in the Prix Kaufman & Broad.

The day before, Hungary’s Henri Kovacs with Quedge Deene and Great Britain’s Peter Murphy with Renkum Off Centre won the puissance six bar class by jumping 1m90 clear.

The prize for the best foreign female rider was awarded to Frédérique Fabre Delbos (Switzerland); the prize for the best foreign male rider was awarded to Sebastian Haas (Germany); the prize for the best French female rider was awarded to Eugénie Angot and the prize for the best French male rider was awarded to Eric Navet. The prize for the best horse was awarded to Marquis de la Lande.