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Press and photos

Creation of a review after the Show Jumping Competition, which will be sent to each sponsor. Each sponsor will receive a competition book.



Publication of an off-print in 7, 000 examples with the logos of all of the announcers, distributed throughout the three days of competition.

Services which are on offers

A prize with your name as well as a hoarding on the competition ground.

A hospitality box with your name. 

Hoardings with your name and logo installed around the paddock (training ground).
Your name on all the communication media.

You can organise cocktails, dinners for yourself and your guests in your hospitality box, when you want.

Local newspaper (16,000 examples)

Advertisements for the show jumping competition in the May and June editions. The announcers will be mentioned.

Creation of a special feature placed in the middle of the June edition, with a box with the sponsors’ logos.

Distribution of the local newspaper in all of the town’s letter boxes: 15, 000 examples each month.

Poster campaign

Creation of a poster, in a 160 X 105 format, with logos.

Creation of a small poster in a 40 X 60 format, with the sponsors’ logos.

Posters will be put up on Decaux and municipal hoardings.

Installation of additional hoardings in different strategic positions (on the outskirts of the town, at the sports and leisure centre, the railway station, etc.).

Posters will be put up in the Val-d’Oise Region, in tourist offices, riding clubs, etc.
Sending of small posters to all the riding clubs in the region and in the surrounding regions.

TV broadcasting

The Grand Prix will be broadcast on television in the Val-d’Oise region (broadcast on Telif: Canal Sat, TPS, Astra, Free, Hot Bird3, Neuf TV : 3 million spectators for Canal Sat), Equidia (during the programme the “Agenda Equestre” and in the news features).